Factual Websites for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is suffered by millions of women from across the globe each year. While medical treatments have advanced in recent times, this ailment is still considered quite serious. With the help of the Internet, women now have access to a wealth of information. As there are a number of different sites, it may be slightly confusing to understand which are the best choices. So, let us look at some of the most relevant and trustworthy.


This website is run by the American Cancer Society and is considered to be highly authoritative in regards to numerous cancers. The section devoted to ovarian cancer presents all of the latest information including treatments, diagnoses, prognoses and some of the newest drugs that are available. As this site was created by professionals in the field of cancer research, the data contained is highly reliable.

The Ovarian Cancer Institute

Not only is this site an excellent portal for information about ovarian cancer, the institute itself is performing ongoing research in this changing field. There are several focuses of this site. The first is to provide patients with the latest data. Secondly, the Ovarian Cancer Institute is dedicated to promoting newer therapies and techniques to battle this form of cancer.


This website is based out of the United Kingdom and is similar in scope and function to cancer.org. Its section dedicated to ovarian cancer presents patients with a host of practical information. Also, these details were written for the average individual as opposed to one who is familiar with complicated medical terminology.


While not specifically devoted to ovarian cancer, Wikipedia is perhaps one of the best factual resources to be found online. Also, this page is regularly updated and it will reflect the latest developments in the sector.

All of these sites are excellent resources to better understand this disease.